A New Commission

These new brushes are seriously fantastic!
I’ve been using the watercolor and oil brushes from Kyle Webster’s latest set. I love them. They feel so much more like actual paint. Which as someone who grew up with no computer, makes a huge difference for my particular style.


Ty said…
It's quite amazing to see that the most subtle adjustments in facial features can be so telling as to the emotion of an individual. These three photos illustrate that beautifully. The first photo appears to capture the man startled, perhaps, in fear of someone or something. His eyes wide and mouth agape. Even his posture seems more angular in this photo than in the third one. Perhaps this is him trying to "escape" from whatever has him startled. He's chosen to "flight" rather than "fight". This speaks to the personality being portrayed (a dialogue for another time).
With the third picture his eyes narrowed and mouth closed portrays he has now allayed whatever initial fears he had. He appears calm and perhaps comfortable with that which has caught his attention. His posture more upright.
In this last picture his expression has changed to what could be construed as amusement. All this simply because of minor adjustments in facial expression. Nicely done.

Is there a piece on the way that will illuminate what has captured this man's attention?
Adam M Botsford said…
Interesting observations. It's actually one image. Just captures of it as it's being developed but now I wish it had been a series. You make it sound much more exciting that I had imagined.
Tyler said…
I thought it was the same pic at first, but honestly the closer I looked I began to see them as different. Perhaps this is a glimpse into my psychology than much else. hahaha