Seasonal Postcards

My final design for my holiday card. Simple and different than my usual stuff. But I wanted something outside of my normal style. For new readers, a few times a year I send out a free promotional postcard. It's my little way of saying thanks for keeping me inspired. I've had to switch to greeting cards until I can find a way to ensure my postcards are damaged in shipping. A lot of you have told me that they arrive marred or damaged. Sadly, greeting cards are significantly more expensive to have printed. I have no idea why the price is so drastically different but it is. 

That means I will have significantly less to send out this year...unless I decide to send postcards anyway. We'll see. I'll make a post about my usual seasonal postcards in a month or so when I figure out my plan.

I may have some of them for sale though. Again, I have to see how the print turns out before I know more.