Here is the final drawing image I drew in some simple clouds in the back. Then added some yellow hue to the center to give it a more natural light effect and to balance out all the blue and grey. I also did some very subtle green shading in the corners opposing the light to make it more balanced.
Final Critique:
I originally wanted this to be a more realistic image, one that looked more like a painting than an illustration. Am I unhappy with it? No. I feel like I learned a lot. Part of the goal of this instructor style approach is to get me to think more about what I’m doing and how. Instead of just flying on instinct. At least now when I look at this I know why I’m unhappy about certain parts and that makes it feel better. It feels like a learning point not a failure. The key things for my next piece. 
-More planning
-Practice with realism
Special thank you to all of you readers who took the time to wade through the loads of in process posts. And to for all the tips and comments. 
Thank you everyone!!!

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