Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updates and News

First, fun news:

This is the email I received this morning.

Dear Adam,
It is my privilege to say that YOU are first recipient of the C.L.A.W.'s Young Cartoonist of the Future Scholarship.

In addition to the money you will receive a large novelty check created by members of The CLAW which will be presented to you WED, APRIL 22, 2009 at the Mandolin Cafe during our monthly OPEN SWIM drawing meet (Mark Monlux and Stowe live near you and have offered to carpool).

Thanks for playing! I really liked your pumpkin illustration.


- RR

R.R. Anderson,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Webmaster @ |
++ Cartoonist + Inventor + humorist for hire ++

This is very fun and exciting news! A chance to meet some locals artists is exactly what I had hoped for.

In other events, I've begun a painting and have more sketches but am lacking in time to get them posted. Now I'm off to draw trees for my Biology class.



Benji said...

Woo! :) Have fun carpooling!

Seriously, congratulations!

Benji said...

Woo! :) Have fun carpooling!

Seriously, congratulations!

Brien B said...

How exciting! Congrats.

rat said...

That is awesome, congrats!

A few sketches

Working on a few sketches for a personal project.