Ok a real update

Tonight meet with the C.L.A.W....Yah I know it sounds like something from inspector gadget. I think it was!

Here check them out!

Well, they were kind enough to award me with a grant!

The meeting was fully of mystery and intrigue and zombie talk! Oh and we know how much I love zombies! *giddy grin* I have some sketches as evidence.

Now imagine me in a room full of artists talking about 80's zombie movies. Throw in some damn cookies and my life is complete. Yah.. those of you who know me are laughing cuz you know it's true.

In other news, I had a great opportunity to do a promotional piece for a company in Bothell.


They were amazing and patient. Well first a big thanks to Stacey for referring me! Big long distance hug to my girl from high school. Thanks for the referral! But yes, they were very patient and supportive. I'm excited to see what they do with my work.

An image of my work can be seen here: http://www.eventstomemories.com/

I'll keep you posted on how the work with them turned out but please take a look at their link as a way to show some support for their offering to let me steal some of their promo time.

OH! And please don't forget that there are 4 more paintings to sell.

All the money raised from these go to the local Read2Me program of Tacoma. So please pass on the word that they need to find homes.

Thank you everyone and a special thank you to the Sternfels and the C.L.A.W!!