Abstract and Illustration

Here is an update on the abstract piece.

And here is a glimpse of a few images from a project I'm working on with one of my favorite music video cohorts, Regan.

More to come. And I ordered post cards..but they never showed *scowl* Soon I hope. Then I can get them sent out.

Oh, and the set from the 1 day series is up for sale. I had hoped to do an auction but doesn't appear that I'll have much luck. But good news for anyone reading this. I'll sell any of the 6 for a starting price $175. Or if you buy all 6 for $800 if by some eagerness you'd like the lot of them. All of the money I get for these will go to the Read2Me charity in Tacoma. (www.read2me.org).

If you comment to this post it will email. Just leave your contact information there and I'll get back to you asap.

Thank you in advance for anyone that is interested.

Oh and Arrayah says hello and thank you for your support!


Adam M Botsford said…
The painting of the woman with child is officially sold! 5 more to go.

Thank you Andrew!!!
AndrewShane said…
I am so excited! Great work and thank you!
Adam M Botsford said…
Another painting sold.

The boy with the fireworks is now off the list.

4 more to go.