A few light sketches

Here are some light sketches I've done over the past few days. No finished drawings but I've been making a renewed effort to sketch every day.

This Wednesday there is a model drawing class at PLU that I'm going to try and go to. I'm rather excited about it. Though it's not an instruction class, drawing from models is great practice.

The boy one came out too light and a little awkward but eh..I don't mind.
These two are the most recent updates on the painting. Again the series is set up to appear almost childlike in their presentation and coloring. I think one or two more painting sessions and this one will be done. Which will leave only 2 more paintings in the series.
The purpose of this series is to be a gallery showing. I want to combine the 6 piece series with a few other paintings and put them up somewhere public. *cringe* very intimidating prospect.