Evening posts!

This is a good time for a real post. We'll start with this first image. This is an attempt to colorize the zombie sketch posted last. The images were inspired by the Dead Rising game. The colors were done in Gimp, a freeware design program. I wish I were better versed in digital art. It offers so in the way of quick clean work. O'well, practice I suppose.On to Sasquatch...
This next image is for work oddly enough. Inspiration goes out to Josh Bechard for the idea. But creative support kudos goes to Andrew for hanging out at Borders with me while I sketched. This is going to be my team mascot at work! Should prove amusing I think.

I've been working on the most recent painting in the 1 day series as well. Slow progress as painting isn't an area of strength either, but I'm persistent. I'll post more images when I have a bit more progress done on it.

Halloween soon! I've got some ideas for good posts based on that. It's such a fun holiday to do art around!