Catching up

Ok first things first...New house! *whew* Holy moving batman. This is a minor clip of my new room and new haircut :S

Now onto sketches:

Here we have some red-less red pandas. I'm really enthralled with this non-photo blue on grainy paper.

These are just some strange guys I drew. Rather Sci-Fi looking but still simple...

Now onto some Artic Fox.

And their neighbors...the polar bear. (curtis you'd be proud, very few sketchy lines...right to the point as you'd say)

Here are some birds. Odd color use as well. I've been trying to play with colored pencils.

To wrap it up..

-My scanner isn't working currently. The electrical in the new house is a bit odd.
-Sorry for the delays in posts, but thank you all for checking occasionally.
-New desk, and more paintings on the way.

*big sigh*

Ok, feels good to post for the first time in ages.