Sunday, February 24, 2008

a slew of artistry

Today was art lesson day with Chris and I

here are the results...

The first two are from Chris's first art lesson. Obviously, he's not in much need of them but ok..

A free form painting in watercolor.

Study imagery from Courtney Crumrin, a graphic novel...

The next set are inspirations that Chris helped me form out of the sketches I did during/in my biology class. Please see the previous post for that... These are Alice in Wonderland based imagery. Just stylized a bit for my own taste.

Card Soldiers

Alice and Queen

White Rabbit

These are rabbit sketches of the Queens pets.

Feedback is welcomed!

1 comment:

Rat said...

Sweet! I love the Alice inspired sketches. Definitely a little darker, but I have always thought that book to be creepy as Hell.
The first two are neat also.

"Chris's fist art lesson" Should be "first".

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