Update on my painting

This style was adopted in a very odd way from my friend Curtis. He's got an amazing ability to make this sincere and concise line that I envy. It triggered this sort of ground testing in my painting. So the style seems amateurish to me, and kind of child like but it's pushing me to piece together a painting like I would a drawing.

The above is a close up. The below a hazy look at the full piece.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



Anonymous said…
Your work is improving drastically, really quickly.
Anonymous said…
Your technique is getting much better, no argument. The cleanliness of the lines, however, take away from the feeling of despair I got from the original viewing. Maybe you're not going for that anymore. The middle soldier looks friendly, which takes away from said feeling. On second look, it almost looks like they're trying to find her to help and it's a misunderstanding that she's hiding. I dunno. I'd have to think that line out a bit more.