New sketches...

so above are two sketches I worked out at Blackwater the other day, while enjoying an amazing soy mocha!

Today I got an interesting question from a woman at work, one of my big supporters Brenda.
Brenda asks:

Have you ever considered changing an art piece. I mean lets say you have finished, for months you have proudly viewed it. Months- you love your work etc………But now see how something can be changed. Do you

  1. change it- adding more to the piece-making it better in a sense
  2. Or leave as is and begin a new process/piece as you thought the first piece was as beautiful the first time, to change it now would be well- sac religious……….

Wondered what you’d do

My response is this:

I have gone back to a piece sometime later and suddenly found some renewed inspiration or missing piece to truly elevate the work. And I have gone through this exact deliberation about what to do, should I paint it...hide the once brilliant and not insufficient piece away from sight. However, thus far I've never gone back in and retouched a piece.

If I were in that position, I would decipher what it was that I was so eager to add to the old piece. What is likely happening is you've learned and grown since the time that was created. And now you have whole new facet of experience to offer to your art. My vote is to start a new piece. That will allow you to focus on the aspects you're feeling drawn to.


*I'll check back with everyone to let you know what she decides to do.