Who wants to be my muse?

You got an idea for a painting, drawing, or did I miss out on an idea you previously submitted?... If so...resend it!! I need some ideas so give me what you got.

*psstt....thats me waiting for your ideas! Share!!!




DragonSpirit12 said…
A mad scientist in their lab would be a fun picture :)
DragonSpirit12 said…
I had another idea while I was in the shower this morning (I don't know why but thats where I get all my good ideas) I thought an ongoing series of anthropomorphic elements from the periodic table of elements with aspects relating to the element (oxygen can have wings, calcium can have an exoskeleton, gold would be really shiny ect.) and because there are so many it can be a work in progress and a good change to study up on elements :)
Anonymous said…
I have an idea... a very simple sketch out of a bird (my favorite is a humming bird) with wings flapping, so you can see the movement. I know its been done before, but you have a talent for bringing different ideas to the table.