A non picture post... *shock*

I'm sitting here thinking about my site and wanted to do a little post to share some thoughts about how things have gone. This year my goal was to get more input on my art. Feedback and criticism is very important for any artist's development.

Here are some thoughts on it...

Sharing one's artwork is serious business for most artists. It's scary and intimidating and often unrewarding. Comments like "That's nice" or "Interesting.." leave our egos wounded. Thus far though I've gotten such valid and positive feedback. Though some make think the past 11 months of blogging has just been an ego feed, this has not been the case. Most people have been honest and forward about their thoughts and ideas. I've been grateful!

So far the most appealing outcome, aside from the over awareness of my bad spelling...has been the amazing ideas that everyone has put forward. As an illustrator, my drive is to bring others ideas to life. I'm not brimming with this profound creativity. Don't get me wrong! I do have a few crazy little worlds growing in my brain but the thing I get most excited about is creating a world of someone else's making.

My favorite occurences so far have been the illustration game where I drew the words people sent in. Granted, I did not get everyones...I did get some really great ones. Second to that were the commissions I got out of it. I don't mean the cash value...it's not about the money. I live comfortably. It's the idea that someone desires my art...reaches out for me create it. There is something very fulfilling about that.

To wrap it all up, I want to say thank you all for supporting my efforts and hopefully we can keep making progress. *nudge* pass my site on to any friends who need some art! As well, check your mail for your holiday post card. It's simple but to the point. Hope you enjoy!!