Gathering Light Session 7...

Here are couple of posts from my painting session last night. I painted for about an hour. At this point I've lost track of the time spent.

Last nights painting time was spent re-oiling the background, and adding a few more details and colors. I also worked on the face, added some depth and began pushing out the outline of it. It's coming along. I have the most hesitation about the face. This being based on a picture, I'm a lot of nervous about ensuring accuracy.

Steps to come:

I intend to add more detail to the background. I want it to resemble a surreal and colorized wilderness. My fear is that it will be over powering, but I want there to be a balance to the painting. Currently the starkness of the painting fails to capture the personality I sense in the picture itself. I use sense in a very liberal way. Artists are trained to judge and project ideas and thoughts based on just a few images. So in this case, I have an image of man and as I sketch and paint he takes on a whole persona in my mind. Most artist will tell you they react the same way. We give life to our art in head before we have give it life on canvas.

Varnish. I've never used it before, but I get the distinct feeling that I'll need it here. I want a high gloss finish. This finish is one of the reasons to try it. I think this painting has been one of the most involved that I've done for some time.

In the picture there is a strength of facial feature that I haven't been able to capture. The man has strong and pronounced cheek bones, chin and brow line. I'll be plotting that one out a bit more before completion.

In other news, school starts soon, my other piece goes up for auction next week, and I'll be doing research on varnish.



Ps: If you look really hard you can see my fish, Paper, trying to sneak into the photo. Yes, his name is Paper. Paper Dinosaur!.... yah, my friend Christian has to take the wrap for that one.