Gathering light session 2...

To prep for classes, I'm trying to train myself to function at earlier times during the day. *sigh* It's not working. However, today I couldn't sleep past 5. I had bad dreams about zombies..oh but not dumb zombies, oh no! These buggers were smart as all get out!! For those of you who know know where the problem lies. For those that don't, let me share something with you. I hate zombies! They scare the crap out of me. *snickers*

Ok ok, painting.

Here goes....A few quick notes: Oils, hard bristle square brush, linseed oil, no drying agent
Total time so far: 5+ hours of solid work time

The first round was strictly black, white and payne's grey. * previous post
These new images have had Yellow Ochre and Flesh Tint added to the mix to initiate the color scheme.

I need to get better lighting for my room.