a brief painting

heres a tid bit of a painting I just finished



Anonymous said…
Your tidbit of a painting is now my computer's background!
Adam M Botsford said…
I just ordered post cards of the close up image. I like the way it turned out.
Anonymous said…
So of course I wrote this long comment theorizing about the origins of this vixen, and promptly lost it when I tried to open another entry's comments page. That'll teach me not to save things before I click.

But, really -- she seems almost robotic in origin, a digital vixen cast out from her structured world by reason of her fiery emotions. Pausing before her inevitable embarkation, she reflects on the necessity of leaving the only home she has ever known, her newly awakened passions giving rise to feelings she has never before experienced. Perhaps it is the first time she has ever felt anything--certainly, never before has she felt anything so strongly--her wistful, slightly downturned glance expressing both regrets and hopes in her resolute and steady gaze.

Or maybe I just like coming up with stories about things and people I don't know anything about. Isn't it fun?