A softer form of illustration...

Today I painted. Not something I do often but here is the result.
This is intended as a gift to my friend Sandy. Those who know me, know of her!

I feel good about the way they turned out. I've posted 3 versions. 1 of the size, 1 with more attention on the form, and 1 a detail of the head to show the texture and line.

Any thoughts?

Would you guys like to see more paintings?



Anonymous said…
These are pretty good. I like the use of color, especially for shadowing.

The form itself, though, seems stiff. She's leaning too far forward to have her arms supporting her torso; her legs are off to one side, yet the muscles in the left arm show no strain (and it's unlikely that she'd be supporting her weight on that arm alone, from its angle.) It doesn't look like she's very comfortable, though I think you intended her to be 'lounging.'

The hair is very nicely done, and flows perfectly with the background.
Anonymous said…
I actually can't decide which I like better. Your paintings are almost always amazing, but I also really like the recent totemic sketches that you've been posting.

Anonymous said…
I LOVE IT!!! *tears*
love, Sandy
MrScribbler said…
I'm going to dig any art you post!

The more variety, the better!

The paintings are different, and I really like them.