New project ideas?

So, I'm sort of in a status of laziness and bad habit...I need some help getting back to my artwork.
I would love some project suggestions from everyone!
What would you like me to post?


Anonymous said…
What about the totemic idea we discussed a week or two ago.

Anonymous said…
I like this one! She's got such a soft feeling, but a strength that comes from age, as well. Kind of like a steel glove covered in velvet.

If you're looking for ideas, I think nature -- or something that incorporates it -- is a good way to go. Maybe something rural, like a farm scene, and just slightly fanciful.
Adam M Botsford said…
This was actually a study of a woman in Africa from a newsweek magazine.
Jill said…
Real life in Tacoma. The gritty bits of city life that people tend to overlook. has some really great local photography that might prompt some ideas.
Anonymous said…
How about something different, like fantasy landscapes or city scenes, concentrating more on the environment then the characters in the scene?