A morning cup...

I'm enjoying my morning cup of luke warm chocolate soy milk and coffee concotion...and thought I'd scan a picture or two to post.
Only one pictured scanned in a way that I'd be willing to show it. This one is on the same vein as the previous images. They bring to mind totems or elemental influences.
I'm happy with the form of the man in this picture, especially the lines in the hand. As for the rest of the image, well, I feel it loses its strength until it's colored. I'm just nervous about painting it.
I could use it as a chance to do some color work on the computer.
We'll see.


Anonymous said…
I like this one. It screams "air", if you're thinking of elementals.

The raven -- or crow, perhaps, but it looks "dark" either way -- seems to be giving advice. (Or it might just be your way of saying that the guy's birdbrained.) He looks kind of odd without his right arm, but it's as if he's incanting something and was just rudely woken up. Perhaps a hurricane, to chasten the miscreant responsible for his awakening.

I'm not sure what the lines on the top left of his head are, though. They seem mostly scenery, but I can't imagine what they'd be part of.