Sunday, January 7, 2007

Updated hook...

So Mr. Scribbler made a very valid evaluation that my previous post of the bad captain did not relay much evil or mal-intent. So, I'm going to try and work on some newer more relaxed sketches.
Here is an example.
This one is a bit better but I think it it would be good for him to look more haggard.
More to come...


Seth said...

He definitely looks more diabolical in this one. But does haggard necessarily equal younger and poorer?

The first one, he looks creepy, in an old-and-fashionable kind of way. You can see him smiling as he invites you to dinner, where he's going to poison you. But in the second, he looks like a pirate that might show up on your doorstep--threatening rape, murder, and pillage simply because he's hungry.

I suppose it depends on the tone of the surrounding text, but Hook's always been rather extravagant. I do like the simplicity, and the greater emotion in the face, but I would argue it needs to be properly evocative of his style as well as his mindset.

Adam M Botsford said...

One of the things my roomate pointed out is how effeminate he appears. I would say that is based on my idea of Hook as vain. I imagine him to have an obsessive personality and highly controlled by envy and jealousy.

Testing out some oil paints