Thursday, January 11, 2007


Two quick posts of sketches from last night before I have to venture out into the snow and make my way to work...*looks at clock* cuz I'm already 2 hours late *grin*!
The first is a sketch of Tinkerbell from my recent interest in the Peter Pan theme.
Below this is a word project submitted by my friend Suzanne.
Her words of choice: unusual creatures meeting
Off to work... have a great day!


Seth said...

I like the Tinkerbell. It's unquestionably a fairy, but it's moved far away from the barbie-style Disney fairy that I know you were trying to avoid. The hairstyle has the most effect, but the breast reduction helps too. =P

There are two things I'm not so sure about, though. First is the right arm; it looks wooden, as if the arm were one piece of a rigid carving -- and the positioning of the elbow mark only serves to make me wonder whether it's part of a puppet that the fairy has dismembered and taken to replace her own missing arm. Since you have the hands behind her back, you might want to take another look in the mirror at how the elbows are still bent in that position -- they're not nearly so straight.

The other thing isn't really your problem, but I've always wondered why fairies always have insectoid, gossamer wings.

MrScribbler said...

A Tinker Bell with 'tude! I like her!

And yes, the meeting definitely seems to be between two VERY unusual creatures....

Adam M Botsford said...

Well, I'd be curious the other options for wings. Bird wings seem inappropriate, so that leaves variants of insect wings.

Any suggestions? It might be fun to play around with the idea.

MrScribbler said...

Maybe the wings should be a little more substantial, with stronger "branches" holding the gauzy stuff. If you did a color version, you could have a lot of fun tinting the wing material.

Also, these wings never seem to articulate...they just flutter. They might be useful for expressing the character's mood.

Rachel C said...

That tinkerbell picture makes me HAVE to color...I love it! Now I am going to go find some colored pencils somewhere. I looked through all of your posts - Adam, you're so talented!

Testing out some oil paints