Two for one...

Today I was sketching to burn up time and fight the frustration that wanting to create art will often give. I as an artist am prone to minor fits of annoyance at my own artwork. I believe the problem stems from envying other peoples work.
But onto more important things...This is the 5th (?) return on the word project. By some miracle I got two sketches out in one day. I did do other drawings today but these two pertained to the words submitted by others. The words for this drawing were given to me by my friend Arvin. The words he sent me were: "Box, Cavernous, Digesting". I think seeing the words makes the drawing more fun.
Enjoy! Thanks Arvin!!


MrScribbler said…
One thing I really enjoy as you post more art is your skill with different styles ("Two For One" and "A New Image," for example).

You don't seem to be short of either skill or confidence...that's very cool!