A start...

Today I start this blog with the all the hope of a man who has never failed. Let's pray my youthful optimism doesn't fail me.

I'm starting this for two reasons:

Reason 1 being that I want to be an artist, make a living from my art, get published...all the dreams of a boy could imagine up while sitting at home scribbling away on scrap paper with broken pencils.

Reason 2 falls into the responsibility of those who wrote the "2007 Children's Writers & Illustrator's market" book published recently. I, like so many others around the world, bought the book in hopes that it would unfold a golden path of oppurtunity before me.

Reality Check: I am not so naive to think that a book alone could quell my fears, open doors, draw drawings or complete paintings...all on my behalf. I do, however, hope that it will help keep me motivated to do exactly those things.

So...Here I sit, at home, post an 8 hour work day, and 50 minute class hoping that I can keep my mind clear of the hub-bubbery of the known world and envision myself an artist! *queue whimsical music*

Wish me luck!


ok we are so getting you haloscan.
also YIPPEE.

and YOU can Dooooo eeeet. (for lack of being able to say anything more eloquent and meaningful. but you know what i mean.) ;D
MrScribbler said…
Yay for the low-paying world of creativity! Don't let people tell you it's all about the art...ask for money, too!

Whatsername's blog sent me here...I'll be back!