Ok, so here is another installation on the project. This one is based on a sentence from my friend Violet. She cheated a bit and used the words in a sentence. I think this is number 6. I feel good about the mood of the image, but I worry that the softness of the image allows me to get away without the extra details that could make or break a drawing.
The sentence she used is as follows:
"It's dreadful, but I love the thought of you."
Let me know what you guys think.
Thanks! And thanks Violet!


000000 said…
It is amazing! I'm truly in awe of your talent. Though I know nothing of the abstract world, or of art, for that matter, I know this: you have a gift!

Thank you for trying out my kooky sentence, I couldn't have asked for a better represenation.

Suerte querido amigo!
MrScribbler said…
It's not the details that make or break, Adam...it's the impression left on the viewer.

In other words, for these words, your illustration works very well!