A not so early morning...

Image: Acrylic on canvas 2006'

Its around 10am and I've already gotten my goodmorning virtual "Moose" hug from Whatsername, coffee is brewing and I'm attempting to wake up...

So I check my email and low and behold I have posts on my blog. *Exciting* Thank goodness for blog-master friends that probably blogged my link...*considers then runs to check* Oh yah! Guilty but in the best way possible.


Well..I mean if they are blogging about me in Ireland, I must be on a good track. I suppose it doesn't help that I've known her nearly my whole life. *waves*

Ok...so onto business

The other night I was attempting to make some practice runs at scanning and electronically archiving images. I have loads of questions:

-Is there a preferred format to saving art images (ie: png, jpeg, tiff)?

-Is there a resolution best suited for different mediums? My scanner presets at 200 dpi but has the capacity of much below, but aside from file size I'm not noticing a big difference in quality.

I'll start with those as I go get my coffee. I will do my best to research it and post the answers, or what others have said.

Until then...