A new image...

The image to the right is one of the return on the project. I think this is number 4. This was submitted by my friend Christian. The first image is the somewhat finalized drawing. I'm going to post the first inked sketch below it.

The words given where "Novice, bold, Discover". My personal critique: I don't feel the drawing feels fully completed. I may revisit it later. Also, I fear it doesnt represent the strength or dynamic of the words given.

Any thoughts?

Here is the sketch.

More to come!
Thanks everyone for your patience and support.


Anonymous said…
To better visualize the words, I think there needs to be more depth and larger negative space in the image. I think that way it would better encompass the axpansiveness of the words "bold" and "discover".

Just a thought. All the drawings are great so far though!