Here is the 3rd of the returns on the word postings. This one by Mr. Scribbler. His words of choice: child, flies, kite. At first I had remembered it as Kid, which created the image of a baby goat floating through the air...but maybe for a later picture.
Thanks again to Mr. Scribbler!! His writings and photography (excellent stuff I might add!) can be found here:
Give him a visit and thank him for the great suggestion.
Thanks again everyone..I'm having loads of fun doing these and I feel its definetly working to get me motivated.
More to come!


MrScribbler said…
This is SO cool, Adam! It's as if you read my mind....when I was a kid flying kites, I wanted to be up there, not on the ground.

You have a real talent for illustration. Keep using it!

(Of course Sarah said you are amazing, so I knew it even before I saw your blog.)