A game....

So here a little project I'm going to set for myself over the next few weeks.

I'm going to send out an email to all of my friends requesting 3 words. I will then create illustrations based on those 3 words. Each time I complete one, I will post it here, with a note of who gave me the words and their blog/webpage/profile..that sort.

Wish me luck! *excited grin*

Any one reading this is welcome to do the same!
Post me 3 words.

I should probably set some criteria.

3 words

1 must be a noun, 1 must be a adjective, and one must be a verb

All else is fair game

*Adult oriented content will take last priority and will not be posted here


Adam M Botsford said…
Email Sent! Lets see what comes of it....

*eager anticipation*

I'll go start sharpening my pencils now.
MrScribbler said…
1. Child
2. Flies
3. Kite
MrScribbler said…
Okay, so I didn't follow the rules exactly. I never do.

So shoot me.
Anonymous said…
1. Woman
2. Plump
3. Shake
Jill said…
I followed your whoring post in MySpace and read and read, then found this, so I wanted to join in the creativity.

I totally get what you said in one post about the frustration over creation, how it stems from envying other people's art. Looking at your work pisses me off - where the fuck is my poetry muse when I need her? She's been on hiatus for a good three years now and I'm slowly going mad.

Anyway, here's some words for you. :)

1. frank
2. frustration
3. wallowing